Intégrer les conjoints d'impatriés pour favoriser les doubles carrières
Intégrer les conjoints d'impatriéspour favoriser les doubles carrières 



In what language are the classes delivered?

Only in French to better assimilate the language, but if you really have a problem of misunderstanding, we can explain a grammar rule or other in english, japanese or chinese.


Can I come with my baby or child?

Yes, of course, we are baby-child friendly, and we've got everything (games, baby chair,...) for him/her. 


Which days can I book?

On weekdays, we are close on weekends.


Can you suggest another date?

Yes, subject to availability, and only on weekdays.


Can we suggest another game to discover?

Yes, of course do not hesitate if you want to discover new games, we're here to make you happy.


Can we suggest another place to visit?

Yes, please do.


Can we suggest a meal or a specific recipe?

Yes, any proposal will be taken into account. And we also propose vegetarian meals, or halal.


When should I book?

At least 15 days in advance, it is better, especially during spring when the demands increase.


How can we pay?

-by wire transfer, in cash, by check, or through Paypal.


What’s the payment process?

- 100% upon registration, non-refundable if cancellation.


Where does the classes take place?

- Cook and Learn: in Paris and in a house close to Paris.

- Play and Learn: in a house close to Paris.

- Stroll and Learn: in Paris, with breaks in typical Parisian cafes and a French restaurant.


Can we organize larger groups?

In general, the maximum number of persons determined by activity allows all to follow and interact.

It is better to make 2 groups to optimize the course, but contact us anyway.


Do you offer classes for children?

Not yet, but if you are interested, please let us know.


Thank you. For any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us here.



Centre de Formation



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+33 (0)6 19 422 422

01 83 73 98 49


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Les cours ont lieu

à Paris:

près de Gare du Nord,

dans un bel appartement haussmannien



Nos bureaux sont

  à Station F


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Une belle maison avec jardin,

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